Thursday, September 6, 2012

scenes from seoul pt 1

really, this is my latest trip to korea in pictures (minus the photos i've already shown in other posts).  there are a LOT of pictures so i'm breaking this up into 2 parts.  come back and see the rest tomorrow! AND stay tuned for a korea-themed giveaway tomorrow as well...

we always get a kick out translations; in this case, they pronounce "passengers" just like it's spelled here
between both flights, i watched 7 movies
first korean meal of the trip started on the flight
first stop off the plane was a jamba juice for rehydration
party bus, gangnam style

lots of people sleep on the train
but then they miss sights like this!

random mascot dancing in the street

strange little naked dolls

beautifully sentimental stationery 

a pizza place we found

that served honey bulgogi pizza, with a side of kimchi of course

i was admiring the tiny fur coats

disco ball rest haven

they know how to party in hongdae

i loved these little cozy hideaways

wolverine hawking kebabs

creepy chocolate hand

pretty birdcages in this chocolate shop

awesome little shop with coffee. and waffles.

resident sheep

eclectic decor

yummy treats

cutest and most delicious treats

another fine example of interesting translations...

most tasty kebabs

another interesting mistranslated phrase?

peppers drying EVERYWHERE

dr fish with friends

post pedicure/dr fish

From In coffee shop: part industrial, part whimsical

with delicious beauties like the purple sweet potato latte

and the pistachio almond latte

bears in hanboks

coin purses

humidity disguised as beautiful clouds

local lunch

interesting items in the vending machine like pocari sweat (a gatorade-like drink)


  1. Love all the photos and the toenail color is gorgeous!

  2. Your pedi colour is almost the same as my Porsche. He He he!