Friday, September 7, 2012

scenes from seoul pt 2

continued from yesterday...
sometimes there's a pause in the exercise action and you aren't allowed to drink but you still want to bond with your "battle buddies" so you just have to bowl...
not a goal :(
when you can't have beer frames, you have push up frames!
these scores are nothing to brag about; i just wanted to point out that there were 2 two-way ties.  isn't that funky?

the largest underground shopping mall in asia! (over 900,000 sq ft!) we  did a little souvenir shopping,  a  little eating, saw the aquarium and the kimchi field museum, and did a little more eating...

the aquarium displayed fish EVERYWHERE like...




washing machines?!

even headboards

dr fish is a really popular thing here; this display let you put your fingers in so the fish could nibble your cuticles

amazon display (felt humid enough to be the amazon)

stupid camera doesn't capture all the *sparkles* on these fish

good advice

more good advice


i love how the reflection of the bathroom sign behind the shark makes it look like someone's stepping into the tank

flexing his muscles

best friends


traditional kimchi making display; i enjoyed learning about the history and  i didn't  know that kimchi was seasonal





more varieties including a pheasant kimchi
i loved how this little display used brussel sprouts to represent the cabbage!

kam-sa-ham-ni-da 감사합니다 감 (means thank you!) 

other countries' versions of kimchi

i loved the cartoon explaining the benefits of ingesting good bacteria from kimchi

i really don't know what this is supposed to mean

demonstrating the newest mario kart

didn't need that

lots of art and statues all around the courtyard

i just liked this building

seriously, they have some of the best slogans

yep, tasted like pine trees.  not pine-sol strong.  just faintly like gin...


more views from the train

and more sleeping (nun!)

tasty little custard- filled donuts shaped like baby ducklings

a parade right in the middle of the airport
fancy farewell
green tea red bean latte on my way to the plane; until next time!

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  1. Awesome! I want to go. What is kimchi?

    -Betsy EW