Wednesday, September 5, 2012

crafty korea - hongdae hope market

this little guy needs a name i think
i can't capture all of the awesome colors in this ring

hongdae is an area near hongik university just outside of seoul.  this university is for art students and on weekends, many students gather at the children's park to sell some of the wares they've created.  of course i would find a handmade craft fair across the ocean to attend!  i loved seeing all the creativity and how proud the students were of their work.  there were lots of things i wanted to buy but i exercised some self-control and only bought 2 things!  i love my one of a kind ring.  the gentleman that made and sold it to me explained that it was the first and only one like it.  i love how the metal has so many colors.  and i found a lady that creates these beautiful owl brooches and necklaces from scraps of leather, fabric, and buttons.  i almost bought one of her paintings but someone was quicker than me...

odd owl

i really wanted this painting and was pretty sad that it got snatched up right in front of me

for the love of personalized stationery...

she was carving personalized stamps


  1. I'd be sad about the owl painting too! It's so beautiful and colorful!

  2. That painting was really wonderful! Maybe she'll be there again next year??

  3. What wonderful treasures. The owl family painting looked like another sweet family I know ;-)