Wednesday, September 12, 2012

fireplace makeover

painted brick fireplace
idea for painted fireplace
i saw this on pinterest and thought "wow! i've never thought about painting brick before."  and i was not the biggest fan of our pinkish brick fireplace.

so i asked justin what he thought about painting our fireplace a dark color.  at first he thought it sounded like a terrible idea.  then i showed him the one one pinterest.  next thing i know, he's finished painting our fireplace while i'm gone to korea!  i LOVE it!  he says it's very beetlejuice-ish but he loves it too.  now i've just got to get that mantle under control...


and for the record, this is not the first nor will it be the last project that he has initially nay-sayed until i showed him the true awesomeness of the idea.  by the way, i haven't forgotten that i still owe you guys a reveal of that yellow paintbrush sneak peek either.  it's coming, i promise!


  1. Looks great - and I love that Justin did it while you were gone - too cool!


  2. It looks amazing! Now that's true love, painting the fireplace for you while you're gone even if he isn't convinced of its awesomeness!