Monday, September 10, 2012


for all my pinterest peeps out there, there is a site called pinstrosity that will make you feel better about any of your projects that may not have turned out quite like you planned.  i think it's happened to all of us at some point (at least it has if you actually get around to making something, not just pinning it for later).

to be fair, some of the major fails are due in part to operator error.  not reading the instructions thoroughly, substituting items, etc can end in disastrous results.  but sometimes, you do everything right and it still doesn't come out like the pictures.  stinkin professionals tricking people into thinking they can DIY...

one of the nice things about this site is that it's not just about poking fun at failures. they actually try to provide troubleshooting tips.  so maybe before your next project you should take a look at the archives and make sure you're not repeating someone else's mistakes!  or maybe you'd like to submit one of your own pinstrosities to help out the next person.

check out some of my favorites below:

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  1. You know how I'm addicted to Pinterest...I'm totally checking this out!