Wednesday, May 8, 2013

kissy face

i know some people find those 3D ultrasounds a bit creepy.  and i do think that if they're done too early the baby looks more like a skeleton and less cherubic.  which is why we opted to wait until a little closer towards the end to get one done (for both kids).  technology is so amazing sometimes.  we love being able to see those fat little cheeks and in this case, those sweet puckered lips.  S enjoyed watching the "baby show" although her attention span lasted about 2 minutes before she was trying to turn on the lights, asking the tech what she was doing to mama's belly, asking if she could touch the gel and wanting to type on the computer.

still, we're all excited to meet little brother soon!  feel free to blow kisses right back at him.


  1. Kisses, Kisses, Kisses precious grandbaby!!
    I can't WAIT to meet you. So Beautiful...

  2. That's soooo coool!!! And Saraya cracks us up!!!!
    Auntie Betsy and Uncle Marco