Monday, May 6, 2013

pregnancy humor

there are a lot of things about being pregnant that are just plain scary, annoying, and uncomfortable.  but there are also lots of things about pregnancy that are beautiful, special and yes even hilarious.  a friend sent me a link to the pregnant husband, a site by a first-time father that pretty much gives a peek at all of the aspects of pregnancy from a partner's viewpoint in one of the most hilarious ways i've ever seen.

here are a couple of my favorites...

When the baby is kicking particularly hard and making my pregnant wife uncomfortable.

Looking at her belly, she’s like:
The dude gif

When I tell my wife to “catch” but her baby belly gets in the way.

It’s like:
Dog rolls over gif

When I threaten to eat the rest of my wife’s dessert.

She’s like:
I will stab you gif

When someone asks me how my pregnant wife is REALLY feeling … while she’s standing in the same room and is within earshot.

I’m like:
Daniel Radcliffe gif

seriously, there are too many good ones.  check it out if you need a good laugh but there's mild language on some of them so careful if you're at work!
also, his wife gave birth last month so there won't be updates to the pregnant husband site but you can still be entertained by him  at daddy newbie.

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