Thursday, May 9, 2013

school pics 2013

did you ever take school pictures?  you know, the ones where they prop you in front of a hideous backdrop and make you pose in the most unnatural position possible tilting your head, lifting your chin, and bending appendages until you were sure that the pictures would turn out looking like a ridiculously awkward baby animal instead of a proper chronicle of your formative years?  it couldn't just be me.

anyhow, as bad as those pictures can be, i also love looking back at them and cringing/smiling/laughing and remembering so i plan on having them for S as she grows up.  her daycare recently took pictures and though she's not even in kindergarten yet i still love how she has a typical smirky face.

i can take great photos and capture her smiles and laughs, no problem but there's just something about the "school picture smirk" that i love and hope to collect each year.

1 comment:

  1. She is so beautiful and photogenic. She'll love looking back at the school years chronicled by those photos.