Thursday, May 2, 2013

phone lenses

every now and then, someone asks what camera/lenses i use for my photos.  when i'm not busy (i.e. lazy) i whip out my canon t2i and use everything from a 50mm f/1.4 to my silly fisheye.  but to be perfectly honest, the majority of the pics i take are with my iphone 4s.  i have my phone with me 99% of the time and it's the most convenient camera on hand.  and there are so many fun filters and apps to manipulate pictures available.  now there are even extra lenses for your phone camera too.

there are companies that makes detachable lenses specifically for mobile phones now.  i've been wanting (coveting) these for awhile and so when i saw a groupon type deal for a fraction of the normal price, i jumped on the deal.  this was around the holidays so it took nearly a month after i ordered them to arrive but i am so excited!

the company i went with is called photojojo.  they specialize in photo gifts and gear for photographers.  they make so many things i'd love to get like the scuba suit for taking your iphone pics underwater or the DSLR wheel of filters.  the lens set i got includes a wide-angle, fisheye and macro in just 2 small lenses.  you can also get a telephoto.

and here are a few fun/random shots i've taken with the macro...

these lenses are fun and would make great gifts for someone you know that likes to take tons of photos with their phone.

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