Thursday, March 24, 2011

dr fish

pedicures used to be quite a regular occurence for me.  living so close to the beach both in hawaii and in california, cute toes were more of a necessity than a luxury.  that is, until little babe came along.  i still get an occasional pedicure but my time for luxuries has to be chosen wisely.  if i have an option between a pedicure, a haircut, a massage, or a pilates or yoga class, you can bet pedicures are coming in last.  luckily, i consoled myself on this recent trip away from home by getting an ultimate pedicure.  what constitutes an ultimate pedicure you ask?  the secret is dr. fish, a not so secret thing in many other parts of the world but for some reason, a banned service in most of the US.  little fish eat dead skin and it tickles like nobody's business!

i got two friends to join me at the spa.  one male friend thought the novelty alone was worth the $5 cost.  he got in first, and boy were those fish excited!  they instantly swarmed him and got to work.

after i got in, they forgot he was even there!  i hadn't had a pedicure in months so they had a lot to work with... and i must say, it was a very strange sensation.  like i mentioned before, it tickles like crazy.  and just when you start to get used to the feeling, one moves between your toes, or up the back of your calf and the uncontrolled squeals start all over again.

i took some video footage so you could see the nibbling and hear the squealing for yourselves.
best $5 spent on the trip!


  1. Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha..EWWWWW!! :-)

  2. Oh this freaks me out a little bit!! What a crazy experience! Oh dr fish, please stay away from my toesies.