Thursday, March 31, 2011

happy anniversary!

i can't believe this little blog is already one year old.  it goes by as fast as the pandi is growing!  it's been awhile since i made a list so here are my top 10 blogposts from the past year (bonus points to anyone who can tell me what tv show i patterned these titles after)...

1. the one where i watched Oprah and made a big a list
2. the one with pandi's first christmas
3. the one with the letter and the paint
4. the one with the blessings
5. the one with the happiest eater
6. the one with the happy ending
7. the one with the frog kicks
8. the one with daddy's hair
9. the one with the aussie splash
10. the one with the cutest face ever



    Now I'm going to back and read all those posts...

  2. Happy blog anniversary. It's been a very enjoyable year for all of us that get to partake! Looking forward to the next year to come :-) Hard to believe the lil' pandi is almost a year old.....WOW!
    I love all those posts many great ones.