Saturday, April 30, 2011

movie review - limitless

i had a free movie pass i earned from awhile back that was due to expire this weekend so justin and i took the opportunity to have a little date night.  this movie was not necessarily at the top of our list to see but it was showing at a convenient time for our sitter and was something we both agreed looked interesting.  i'm glad we saw it!

based on the book the dark fields, limitless tells the story of a writer who happens upon a drug (NZT) that allows him to reach untapped parts of his brain and essentially become a  better version of himself.  it reminds me of the type of ethical dilemma posited in philosphy class where you dicuss id vs. ego vs. super-ego.  bradley cooper does a great job narrating this and it's fun watching him "turn it on" when he's on NZT.  though it starts off a little slow, things quickly get exciting.

there are alot of gaps in the storyline but it's still a fun movie to watch if you're able to willingly suspend your disbelief.  robert de niro and abbie cornish are also entertaining to watch and at only 105 minutes, it's not a bad way to relax together away from the little one for a bit.

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  1. I haven't watched movies in a long time...but I'll put this one on my list. When I get a chance to breathe...I'll go catch this movie. :-)