Saturday, April 9, 2011

remix #17

i got this belt 4 years ago from a  little shop on Maui.  it was an impulse buy while on vacation with some girlfriends i hadn't seen in a long time.  throw in the fact that it was halloween and it was a big girls only party that was so much fun and you can understand why i get a little nostalgic when i wear it.
shirt: Banana Republic
skirt: GAP
shoes: Target
belt: little random shop on Maui


  1. I love the outfit EXCEPT the belt. Sorry, it looks like a back support or s&m accessory. But a great prop for halloween for sure!! :-)

  2. Although I love the memory behind the belt, I think its a little too wide for your petite stature. I think you should stick to the skinner belts. I still have my belt too =) Cute everything else.