Monday, April 25, 2011

our easter weekend

since the pandi gets up pretty early, we decided to take her to a sunrise service.  the carlsbad flower fields has hosted the fields church for the past 8 years.  it was a lovely service set right alongside the ranunculus and the pandi may have distracted/entertained the people sitting near us with a little sermon of her own.

we also dyed her first easter eggs and had a mini egg "hunt" in the backyard.  basically, we set some right in her line of sight and got a few fun shots of her enjoying the eggs.

and we were blessed to be invited to our california family's home for an easter meal and second egg hunt.  i think saraya had a little crush on cade.  at the very least, she was asking him what it was like to be so mobile...


  1. She is a gorgeous Easter pandi :-) Love her little dress and headband!! What fun it must have been for you and Justin.

  2. Ha!! I loved watching Saraya and Cade have their little baby conversations :) And I have to say again how CUTE that dress is that your friend made.
    What a fun day! :)

  3. She is such a pretty little Easter Bunny!
    I like the dress, too.

  4. Love all the photos! The ones of the eggs are definitely my favorite for artistic quality, but the ones of Saraya win hands down for the cuteness factor! Love the dress and headband and her little serious face while holding the egg is darling.