Monday, April 18, 2011

this past weekend was FULL!

i finished my 8th of 12 5Ks.  it was the first one i've done without the pandi so i didn't have the stroller to use as an excuse for jogging slower.  it was held along the beautifully scenic la jolla shores.  i was planning on running alone but on the shuttle ride from parking to the start i met a really cool lady who was meeting another friend and her daughter.  by the time we got to the start, jaye and i were like old friends chatting about everything from the military to babies.  we ended up running together and it was really nice to have someone to encourage me when i felt like stopping.  my time was nothing to brag about (33:30) but it felt good to run.  i'm sure my quads will not be thanking me soon though.  and after the run, i got to have breakfast on the beach with some friends who were in town for a wedding.  speaking of weddings...

justin and i went to the wedding of our good friends luke and jordan.  we've known luke for years, having met him when we lived in hawaii.  after we all left the island, luke met a wonderful girl named jordan.  i liked her from the moment i met her and i always love when they come to visit.  their wedding was a very lovely, intimate beach wedding here in san diego.  jordan was a gorgeous bride and luke couldn't stop smiling.  we had so much fun!  i can't wait for them to make a little playmate for the pandi.  speaking of the pandi...

she's still the cutest ever!  her weekend was full of swim lessons, being babysat by her auntie coryn and uncle art, and tasting treats at the farmer's market.  one of our favorites are the refreshing coconuts from conscious coconuts.  greg and melinda do all the hard work, providing fresh coconuts that you can drink the water right out of with a straw.  and afterwards, you can take your coconut home and open it up for the meat.  it's great scooped right out of the shell or you can use it to make ice cream, smoothies, butter, etc.  we also picked up a super cute dress from julia.  julia sells adorable tutus, dresses, and organic onesies.  i love supporting local artists and vendors.  i'll be sure to post a pic of the pandi modeling her new dress soon!


  1. Don't you look just stunning in your beautiful dress and the necklace you made! I love the way it hangs with that neckline; just perfect!

  2. I love the favors that Luke & Jordan had for their wedding. So cute!!

  3. Love your necklace!! Is your Etsy shop up yet? :)