Saturday, April 16, 2011

remix #24

i love harry potter and i am a nerd.  this is my harry potter inspired outfit for the day (minus the crazy hermione hair).  i used this tutorial to knot the scarf into a prettier tie.  i am also attempting to give my stern and serious scholarly look, and failing miserably.
shirt: Banana Republic
blazer: Old Navy
skirt: GAP
boots: Skechers
tights/earrings: Target
scarf: gift from MIL


  1. I like the intellectual look! :) go sis!!

  2. You look so smart (as the brits say).

  3. Very sexy smart!! I love the way you tied the scarf into a tie. Gonna have to try that. You are just too adorable, trying to look "stern" and all. hehe

  4. Stern is pretty much the furthest thing from what comes to mind when I think of you. But, I think you do an excellent job of pulling off the "geeky/chic" look of Hermione in Harry Potter. Very fun!