Monday, October 8, 2012

96. learn to knit

i learned how to crochet from a roommate and some upperclassmen when i was in college.  i loved making basic blankets and taught a bunch of other people how to crochet as well.  i always thought knitting would be way more difficult (i mean, there are two needles, not just one!) so i never really tried to learn.  a couple of years ago, i finally broke down and checked out some knitting videos on youtube.  then i was lucky enough to get a few private lessons from some sweet friends that taught me a little more.  i'm still far from good at knitting but i have fun making little things for myself and other people and learning more!

for anyone interested in learning how to knit from watching videos, i like Liat from KNITFreedom.  there is also a great knit and crochet community at ravelry.

my favorite infinity scarf i knit for myself
the first beanie i knit her

my very first knitted scarf.  i used some scrap stash  for practice but ended up liking how it turned out.

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