Monday, October 15, 2012


if i was a politician, i'd be called a liar and a promise-breaker.  awhile back i showed you guys a picture of a paintbrush and said that i'd be sharing more soon.  well in this particular instance, my definition of soon is probably a little different from yours.  nonetheless, i'm finally getting around to revealing more!

we striped the wall and painted the lamp.  the lamp and futon are from Target.  i picked up the mink throw in korea.

this was the (really) before pic from the realtor
i love how this accent wall turned out!

we added our map of where we've been;  white pins for me, blue pins for justin and green pins for the pandi

still quite a few places to check out but not a bad start!


  1. The wall looks great and I LOVE the map! We've talked about doing that too but we can never find a good looking map like the one you've got. Where did you get it?

    1. i found the map on! they had a great selection and i caught a 30% off sale too so it was pretty cheap.

  2. Awesome - we must come over soon to see all you have done. Love to you all!
    Betsy & Marco

  3. Love what you did with that room! So much better than the realtor's "before" pic! The map is a great idea, too!