Thursday, October 11, 2012

green thumbs!

 you may or may not know that i do NOT have a very green thumb.  i love having plants and a garden but i'm pretty terrible about maintaining them.  justin most definitely has the greener thumbs.  i'm hoping he passes that along to the babe.  when he said he wanted to plant some food in our yard i was all for it as long as it's not totally dependent on me.  we checked some resources (like this) that let you know what kinds of food to plant and when to plant them, specific to your area.  we're pretty blessed to live in a climate that lends itself to year-round outdoor planting and with some of the best soil on the planet.  can't wait to dig into our garden goodies!


filling with dirt and compost
california sunshine

lettuces, broccoli, cilantro, pepper, onion, and strawberry
add to this some tomatoes, blueberries, persimmon, loquats, oranges, and pears (plus the neighbor's figs that peep over our side of the fence).  we have some feasting to do!  almost time to add some chickens?!


  1. Great garden! It's amazing how much you can plant in a small space. And with all the other yummies around your yard you all have a feast...
    What a good experience for Saraya to get see her food growing.

  2. Beautiful! Looks like a lot of good eating to come!