Thursday, October 25, 2012

kid room makeover

we loved saraya's old nursery.  we got to be really creative and had a lot of fun painting and decorating it.  in case you never saw it, here are a few pics.

best tree ever

after we moved, we felt both excitement and trepidation about decorating her new room.  how would we ever replicate that awesome tree?! after a lot of back and forth on details, we finally got the room done.  justin took the opportunity to get the painting portion done while i was away for a work trip (i'm starting to notice a productivity trend when i'm absent) and i came up with the layout.  i wanted to incorporate a lot of special things that don't necessarily fit into a "theme" so it may seem random but we love it.  and most importantly, she loves it.  she proudly says "look at MY room!"
her growth chart and an early picture of mama and daddy when we were dating.  she likes standing  on her piggy stool (a gift) and making funny faces in the mirror.

the top picture is her name in korean and the hanging is a little korean girl in her han bok.  it's made of paper and thread. 

sunset is her favorite time.  she loves to wave and yell "bye bye sun!"  she is also in love with trains right now and this table was a gift.

the painting of the colorado rockies above the dresser was made for me by my sponsor family's second oldest child around 1997.  she's in college now and still makes beautiful art.

my little sister painted our hands. you can also see her extensive seuss collection.
and justin's mom made this gorgeous native alaskan beaded piece.  we really have a lot of talented  family and friends.  

she also loves mr. moon

and i love this giant mushroom

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  1. Oh My Goodness!! Bright and beautiful just like Saraya and her parents. Love the ocean theme and the palms, the sunset, and Mr. Moon. It does ALL fit together because it all fits HER!