Monday, October 1, 2012

viking days

this past weekend we attended a viking festival in vista.  it was the 10th anniversary but our first time participating.  i knew there was Norway Hall near our house but i kept forgetting to check out their events until i saw a sign advertising the festival.  we had lots of fun, despite the heat.  you'd never guess it was practically october here...

we took a little lunch break at this local brewery.  the festival was right behind it.

they were out of the "hef you up" but the stout was excellent!

this burger was outstanding. the fresh jalepeños were perfect and not too spicy at all. and the truffle parmesan fries were pretty much incredible.  do i sound in love with this place? definitely going to be a regular...

outdoor ovens baking fresh bread

this chair's too big!

this chair's just right!


normally there would be someone wearing this bear on his head but he said it was pretty hot so she got to pet it while it hung up instead


fish toss!

in case you were wondering, it made it!

i like wearing ears, tails and giant hammers to concerts too! 

i loved these feather and leather headbands!
painting swords and shields

my little viking miss

and her viking growl

this made me think of sleeping beauty

they had a weapons range set up where you could try your hand at axe throwing

or spear throwing

or archery!

terrible form but it's harder than it looks!

check out my arrow in flight! (that little orange spot near the top right of the pic) unfortunately, justin didn't get a pic of the target but i got close to a bullseye.  it only took until my last arrow, hahaha.


  1. Awesome! I've been meaning to check out the Norway Hall - this looks like a fun day. We'll have to check out that restaurant it sounds and looked delicious. Love the pix of Saraya as a little Vicking girl - cutie pie!!!
    Love Auntie Betsy

  2. Love this!! That little valkyrie has viking blood flowing through her veins!