Wednesday, October 31, 2012


last week i had to take a quick work trip to vegas.  one of my co-workers mentioned that his cousin had just moved to the area and was a chocolatier working for a world-famous chef.  he had barely extended an invitation to a tasting before i was jumping up and down for joy while trying not to get drool on anyone.

jean-marie auboine is a famous pastry chef and chocolatier.  he started Chocolate Concept in vegas this year and has been growing like crazy.  after a private tour and tasting, i understand why.  his bon bons melt in your mouth with an amazingly perfect balance of flavor.  we tasted so many delicious varieties!  and jean-marie was very friendly and generous.

it was neat to walk through the kitchens and see all of the equipment and the different stages of preparation.  sometimes there are classes for different specialties featuring jean-marie himself or other famous chefs as instructors.  if i lived closer, i'd be very tempted to sign up for one or two!  thank you to tina and jean-marie for the special tour and treats!

jean-marie happy to pose with us


utterly amazing bon bons


for these!


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